Testing & Inspection

Testing & Inspection

For electrical equipment before being put into operation, it is necessary to check the features of the equipment to ensure safety and reliability to avoid problems when put into operation at high voltage and the equipment. After a period of operation, it must be overhauled, maintained, and checked periodically for long-term stable operation of the equipment.

V.T.E.C.H Electrical Technology Co. LTD owns the modern test instruments transfered from many well-known manufacturers of HV/LV electrical instruments such as PowerPD (USA), IPEC (UK), N4L (UK), b2 High Voltage (Switzerland), Tentech (USA), Powersight (USA), Sonel (Poland), DET (Ukraina), IBEKO Power AB (Sweden), Alpha Moisture (UK), Constant (Australia), Omicron (Austria), Quartzteq (Switzerland), RF (Japan), Doble (US) … Some Latest Diagnostic Technology Solutions such as Online Patial Discharge Testing, Sweep frequency respond analyzer for Transformers, LIRA technology for underground Cable… Our High technology services are serving for Power Companies, Transmission Companies, Gas & Oil Industry, Industrial Factory, … contributed important roles in early diagnostic and preventive maintenance programs to prevent the catastrophic failures and loss of revenue.

Our high-tech services have been deployed to power companies, power transmitters, petrochemical plants, industrial plants, etc., making an important contribution to early diagnosis. failure of the electrical system to take measures to maintain and repair the equipment, to prevent serious incidents from occurring..


-       TransformersReactor from 6.6kV to 500kV.

-       HV/LV Generators, Motors.

-       HV/MV SwichGear, MV Power Panels.

-       GIS system from 110kV to 220kV.

-       Terminations, joints of underground cables from 6.6kV to 220kV.

-       PTCT, LA, Circuit breakerDisconnector switch from MV to 500kV.

-      Wind/Solar Power plant test & commissioning


o   Power Transformer

o   Insulation oiil

o   Rotating electrical machines

o   Circuit Breaker

o   Surge Arrester

o   Disconnector

o   Current Transformer

o   Inductive Voltage Transformer

o   Capacitor Voltage Transformer

o   Medium/High Voltage Cable

o   Capacitor

o   Oil Reactor

o   Air core reactor

o   High Voltage Bushing

o   Bus bar

o   SF6 Gas insulation system

o   Low Voltage Switchgear and control gear

o   Earthing system

o   Electrical relay and secondary circuit


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