MV/HV Substation Protection – Control – Automation - Scada System

MV/HV Substation Protection – Control – Automation - Scada System

INGEPACTM EF is a family of IEC 61850-compliant, multifunctional, Intelligent Electronic Devices for grid and primary
equipment control and protection applications in Medium and High-Voltage electrical substations.
The large range of functional features and configuration capabilities offered by these devices make it a powerful and flexible
solution for the automation of the electrical system.
Main Features
lEC 61850 native platform
All the protection functions of a substation bay in one single device
Modular design, different hardware configuration options for each application
Graphic front interface with up to 9 user-configurable screens, control buttons and programmable LEDs
High accuracy measurement of all electrical magnitudes
Event log, fault reports, load curves, waveform records and grid quality parameters in non-volatile memory
Circuit Breaker monitoring
Serial and Ethernet communications, managing several connections in different protocols simultaneously.
IEEE1588 (PTP), SNTP, IRIG-B and PPS synchronisation
Programmable user logic with IEC 61131-3 based tools
Web Access

High speed main line protection
∙ High speed line main protection
∙ 5 zone MHO and QUAD distance units, with
independently programmable direction
∙ Backup units: supervision by current, Load zone
encroachment, power swing, switch onto fault
and communications assisted schemes
∙ Additional current, voltage and frequency
∙ Automatic reclose, synchrocheck, breaker
failure and fault location


High speed main line protection
∙ High speed line main protection
∙ 2 and 3 end differential protection with direct
communication by single mode optic fibre, or
through multiplexer by IEEE C37.94 or G703
(with transducer)
∙ 5 zine MHO and QUAD distance units
∙ Additional current, voltage and frequency
∙ Automatic reclose, synchrocheck, synchronized
coupling, breaker failure and fault location


1 or 2 Circuit Breaker management device
with single and three pole breaker failure, auto
reclose and synchrocheck for each breaker
∙ Breaker failure and additional current, voltage
and frequency protection
∙ Bay Control Unit
∙ Fault location



Bay control and protection device with
multiple applications, such as Medium
Voltage feeders, Distributed Energy Resources
connection, or Transformer and Generator
backup protection
∙ Current, voltage and frequency protection
∙ Automatic recloser, synchronism, fault locator.
∙ Automatic reclose, synchrocheck, breaker
failure, fault location and communication
assisted protection schemes
∙ Bay Control Unit application

Bay Control Unit with statistical metering and
synchronism check
∙ High inputs and outputs capacity. This device
can also be applied as a substation General
Services Data Concentrator
∙ Powerful programming capacity for automatic
operations with tools based on IEC31131-3
∙ Modbus-RTU Master, allowing the integration of
no-IEC61850 meters, analyzers, etc. information
in the substation system


Protection and automation of up to 3 steps
capacitor banks
∙ Protection for internal faults in each step of
the bank as well as bank current and voltage
∙ Automatic regulation of reactive power, by power
set point or by calendar. Possibility of using
different set points on different dates and time
∙ Capacitor bank bay controller




2 and 3 winding transformer main protection,
with differential and restricted earth fault units
∙ Harmonics restraint and block and connection
groups settings
∙ Overexcitation, voltage and frequency protection
∙ Current protection functions in each winding
∙ Automatic reclosing
∙ Applicable to generators, motors and shunt
∙ Optional embedded AVR


INGEPAC™ EF VR allows voltage regulation in power transformers with tap changers, keeping the output voltage of the transformers steady and sending the signals to raise or lower taps to the tap changer.

INGEPAC™ EF VR is suitable to operate independently or in parallel configurations, up to 5 transformers connected to the same busbar. The communication between the voltage regulators will be carried out through IEC 61850 GOOSE messages.

In order to monitor the status of the transformer and control its useful life, INGEPAC™ EF VR allows the monitoring of oil temperature, which can be collected either through RTD inputs or through mA input.

INGEPAC DA-PT (Feeder protection relays)

INGEPAC™ DA PT are digital multifunctional protection relays, suitable as main protection of feeders or small motors, due to 8 analog channels (4 currents and 4 voltages).

Optionally, INGEPAC™ DA PT includes arc flash detection function that allows to perform general trip if the activation of any available light sensors is detected. Available up to 4 INGEPAC™ LSD light sensors. Tripping can be caused by light detection or light detection monitored by a high-speed overcurrent.

INGEPAC™ DA PT provides comprehensive and detailed information by means of its monitoring and events recording capabilities, these being fundamental elements in an electrical grid’s improvement process.



  • Graphical representation of data and measurements with simulation of the substation’s dynamic mimic diagrams
  • Display, management, acknowledgement, and reporting of substation alarms
  • Exporting of alarms and events logs
  • Management of user access levels based on profiles
  • Management of communications with all the position control units via different protocols: IEC 61850, modbus, DNP3, IEC 870-5-101

With Gateway INGETEAM-IC3 - IEC 61850:

INGESAS™ IC3 is the unit that allows connection to the main telecontrol centres and runs the logic at substation level. It is a high-performing, highly-reliable and highly-available modular system designed for substation environments, which enables the inclusion of different communications modules with the option of power supply or communication redundancy.

INGESAS™ IC3 provides an embedded HTML5 web server. All the information recolected from the IEDs and INGESAS™ IC3's information could be used to be shown in user-defined panels that can include graphical dynamic objects, historical events list and alarm management.

Additionally, INGESAS™ IC3 performs general logic operations at substation level, and acts as a synchronisation pattern for all the devices connected to the communications network via the NTP protocol.




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