Explosion Proof Equipment and Heat Tracing System

Explosion Proof Equipment and Heat Tracing System

I.  General Introduction

Trace heating systems are used to heat pipes and tanks in chemical and petrochemical industry production activities. Typical applications include preventing freezing frost, maintaining temperature for pipes, pipe fittings such as flanges, valves, couplings, and storage tank types. Heating changes the viscosity of some material to improve pumping properties. A few other substances can crystallize into lumps or condense if pipes and tanks are not heated to a certain temperature. In the highly technical field, there is a tendency to increase the temperature to higher, usually between 1200C and 1600C or even above 3000C compared to the usual temperature of about 400C -600C.

II.  Specifications

• Diverse types of heating cables.

• Heating temperature can be up to 4250C.

• Continuous stable operating temperature.

• The cable length can be cut according to the requirements used to avoid waste.

• Wide temperature control range.

• Can be used in explosion-proof or non-explosion-proof areas.

• Simple and compact design.

• Easy installation quickly.

• Use PT100 temperature sensor, PT100Ex depending on the region.

• Electronic temperature controller.

• Manufacturer: QUINTEX

• Origin: Germany


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